Abalone soothes fear and sorrow
Agate, Blue Lace calm confidence, strength
Agate, Dendritic growth, wisdom, therapy
Amazonite communication, harmony
Amethyst spirituality, inner peace, love
Ammolite luck, prosperity, meditation
Angelite tranquility, self-expression
Apatite inspiration, motivation, dreamwork, social ease
Aquamarine creativity, light-heartedness, courage, purpose, pure love
Aventurine optimism, prosperity, calm
Barite emotional release, friendship
Bloodstone vitality, endurance, strength
Calcite enlightenment, positivity
Carnelian passion, confidence, power
Celestite inspiration, harmony, truth
Charoite overcoming fear, intuition
Chrysocolla unconditional love, heals loss/fear, nurtures the heart
Citrine abundance, clarity, positivity
Copper optimism, energizing, focus
Cuprite grounding, altruism, willpower, stamina, positivity
Emerald prosperity, hope, healing
Eudialyte renewal, resolution, soulmate
Fossil achieving goals, release
Geode protection, communication
Hawk's Eye positivity, emotional release
Herkimer Quartz purity, spirituality, calm
Iolite art, vision, strength
Jasper nurturing, calm energy
Jet protection, purification
Kyanite repels negativity, meditation
Labradorite intuition, protection, strength
Lapis Lazuli enlightenment, serenity
Lepidolite trust, acceptance, self-love
Malachite fidelity, coping with change
Moldavite change, spirituality, empathy
Mother of Pearl prosperity, imagination, protection (esp. for children)
Obsidian, Rainbow acceptance, heart healing
Opal art, self-worth, spontaneity
Orthoceras confidence, reduces anxiety
Peridot forgiveness, progress,   alleviates depression/envy
Prasiolite connection with nature
Prehnite memory, dreams, de-clutter
Quartz amplifies energy, purpose
Quartz, Lodolite helps manifest desires, aids spiritual communication
Quartz, Rutilated positivity, letting the past go
Rhodocrosite emotional release, passion
Ruby vigor, passion, concentration
Ruby Zoisite individuality, enthusiasm
Selenite deep peace, understanding
Seraphinite fulfillment, openness, love
Silver calming, coping with change
Sodalite hope, objectivity, strength
Sugilite/Lavulite love, philosophy, forgiveness
Sunstone luck, warmth, independence
Tektite, Libyan creativity, will, confidence
Tiger Iron creativity, rejuvenation
Topaz, Blue clarity, communication
Tourmaline, Black protection against negativity
Tourmaline, Green rejuvenation, joy, prosperity
Tourmaline, Pink trust, love, heart healing
Unakite rebirth, calm, psychic ability
Vanadanite quietude of the mind, frugality


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