The Wishing Stone is a nature discovery store.  From our carefully selected sterling silver and gemstone jewelry selection to our alphabetized apothecary of healing stones, from our lit showcases full of collectible mineral specimens to the tactile playground of stacked shelves and rock bins at the back of the shop — we've worked hard to make our brick and mortar storefront an adventure for our visitors. Come visit the 100 million year old hadrosaur egg nest, and play with moving bubbles in water-filled "enhydro" crystals! See insects trapped in amber, and hold tektites formed from iron meteorite impact, like Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass. Try on ruby rings that display bright six-pointed stars in direct light!


Store owner Janet is a graduate gemologist and former instructor with a lifelong appreciation for natural wonders, art, and oddities of all kinds.


Founded in 2001, The Wishing Stone began as a very small jewelry boutique in "old-town" Mukilteo, Washington.  


In 2005, the store moved to Main Street in Edmonds, Washington. Here, Janet met Mark, who also ran a retail rock shop for many years. His mining, dealing, and lapidary skills now advise our mineral inventory. In 2014, The Wishing Stone relocated the Edmonds store to a bigger unit up the street. We also enjoyed operating a store at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport from 2013 to 2017.


Please keep in mind that the selection here represents only a fraction of our retail store's actual inventory... if you're wondering if we have a certain stone, don't hesitate to call or email us and ask! ☺


"The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." —W. B. Yeats


"Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift." — Albert Einstein



Washington Beach   


Smokey's favorite rocks are the size and color of a tennis ball.



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