Ruby Crystal 95g Ruby Crystal 95g
Ruby Crystal 95g Ruby Crystal 95g

Ruby Crystal 95g

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RATNARAJ : Sanskrit for Ruby, King of Gems


This 95-gram rough specimen is untreated and displays Ruby's natural deep color and hexagonal crystal habit.


Ruby is considered one of the four precious stones, accompanying sapphire, emerald, and diamond. It is a gem variety of corundum (sapphire), which is the hardest mineral after diamond. It gets its color from the presence of Chromium -- the most desirable is a bluish-red shade of “pigeon’s blood.” Rubies have inspired lore, obsession, and imitation.


95 g, 43mm wide (1.7") x 33mm tall x 22mm thick




HEALING: ignite passion + address anger issues + revitalize the heart





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